2017 - 07 - 28
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            Quality assurance exists in every process of Chengfang such as identification of customers?requirement, product design, performance validation, fixture design, fixture validation, measurement system ...
            2017 - 07 - 28
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            Entrepreneurial spirit: the cause of endless, dream in front.Note: Hegel said: a nation has a group of people looking at the stars, they have hope. Enterprises are so, need to embrace the dream, chasi...
            2017 - 07 - 28
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            (The above picture was taken at Chengfang ELectric Machine Huanggang branch factory in Hubei province)         Shenzhen Chengfang Electric Machine is the professional PMDC mot...
            Quality Policy

            Quality: full participation, standardize innovation, customer satisfaction

            Note: full participation: the main body of quality management activities is full, only everyone involved in quality management activities have unlimited vitality; standard innovation: quality management activities are standardized, standardized, but also continuous innovation, Customer satisfaction: The purpose of quality management activities is to make customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction, everyone satisfaction is a symbol of a better society.